How To

How does it work?

  • Create account
    First you need to create an account, wich can be done here.
  • Buy credits
    No need to pay every time you download a modified file, but simply use your credits which you bought and hold in your wallet. Every time you download a modified file, one credit will deduct from your wallet. You can buy credits from your account. Go to ‘My Wallet’ -> ‘Buy Credits’ -> ‘Choose the amount of credits you want and click on ADD’ -> Now just simply enter your billing details and pay with Paypal. The amount of credits and all the transactions will be visible in ‘MY WALLET’.
    1 credit = 1 Tuning file. DPF- and EGR OFF is for free!
  • Upload original file
    After you read out the original file from the car, click on “Upload File” and fill in your file details and upload your original file. If you want EGR- and DPF OFF, you can choose this option also when uploading your original file. This is for free, so no extra credits!
    We will now modify your original file, this will be ready within 30 minutes.
  • Download modified file
    When the tuned file is ready you will get notified by e-mail. After this you can download the tuned file from your account at ‘UPLOAD FILE ORDERS’. Here you will see the original file which you uploaded and the tuned version of your file. These will stay here as long as you have an account. You will be able to download the original- and tuned files whenever you want.